Welcome to my website! This site contains material that I have produced in the fields of mathematics and statistics. In addition, there are sections about LaTeX which is computer typesetting language and investment banking recruitment for undergraduates in the UK.

About me

I am currently in my third year studying for an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Warwick, UK. I have developed an interest in the study of probability theory, stochastic processes and mathematical finance as well as fractal complexivity. Outside of my studies, I have completed a number of internships at investment banks in both the UK and Malaysia. As part of these internships, I have written computer programs to produce models for pricing complex, equity-based derivatives. In addition, I am interested in changing the way that high school students learn mathematics, and broadening the education of computer programming for youths.

In my spare time, I enjoy Formula 1, rowing, traveling, computing, and foreign cuisine. So far during my time at Warwick, I have been the academic head of the society for students on degrees run by the Statistics Department, the treasurer of the Emerging Markets Forum, and for two years running, the secretary of the Student Staff Liaison committee for the Statistics Department.

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